Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Geometry & Poetry

“Who Am I” ?

A rhyming poem by Kristen Helton and Joni Laney

I have no faces,

nor do I have any bases.

My shape is round,

and I am the nose of a clown.

I have no edges,

so be careful not to let me roll off ledges.

If you can guess me,

you will be great at Geometry.

Right Triangles

By: A limerick by Chantel Fortescue and Stephanie Ragan

The longest side of a right triangle is the hypotenuse.

A lot of people ask “What’s its use?”

We use it to find the length of the sides,

And know where the right angle lies.

The remaining two angles are acute. None can be obtuse.


An acrostic poem

By: Kelsey McGraw and Wende Eller







Acrostic Poem by Britini L. Murray and Heather Stafford

G- Graphing

E- Exciting

O- Overwhelming

M- Measuring

E- Enduring

T- Trial and Error

R- Rewarding

Y- Y axis and X axis

Acrostic Poem

By: Heather Haynes & Anna Tugman

Get ready for:

Every shape

Obtuse angles





You will love it!

Geometry Limerick

By Caitie Alcorn & Susan Gibson

In geometry, there are many different shapes;

Some even wear super hero capes!

My favorite shape is a square because of its four right angles;

But, sometimes its cape gets all kinds of tangles!

All of the shapes have starred in many super hero tapes!

Acrostic Poem by Tyler Foster & Amy Sechler







E- Estimation







By: Kimberlee Van Noy And Dani Martin

Graphing the shapes of our world!

Each shape is unique.

Obtuse, acute, and right angles.

Memorizing vocabulary.

Exact angle measurement.

Theorems make it all come together.

Reaching the end of the proofs.

YES, You can do it!

Acrostic Poem by Amanda Peters & Jessica Rehmeyer

Four sides on a square are all equal

Obtuse triangle has an angle between 90 and 180 degrees

Rays only have one end point the other end goes on forever

Multiply the length by the width to find the area of a shape

Undo the problem and try again

Linear pair has non-common sides that form a line

Angles, angles, angles show that the triangles are congruent

Supplementary angles can make 180 degrees with 2 or more!

Square I Am

An acrostic poem by Emily Lewis & Frances Whittington

S –Symmetrical you should know I am

Q – Quadrilateral is my other name

U – Usually you will see me every day

A – Angles of mine are always right!

R – Rectangle I am not

E – Equal you will find my measured sides which is why a rectangle I am not.

Narrative Poem by Natosha Brinkley & Genevieve Robbins

Hector hexagon and Archie arc were the bullies of Shape Street. The boys walked in parallel lines and turned at obtuse angles, scaring the little shapes away. They used protractors as skateboards around the neighborhood. They made the lives of the squares and circles hard beyond measurement.

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