Thursday, January 15, 2009

Geometry & Poetry

An acrostic poem by Jaclyn Dillard & Jenn Beason


An acrostic by Rachel Lyash, Leah & Kyle

S ides

H exigon

A ngles

P entagon

E qualateral

S ymmetry

Geometry & Poetry

Acrostic Poem by Brandy Harmon & Jon Mitchell

G eometric shapes

E ver-challenging

O btuse

M easurement

E volving

T riangle

R ight angle

Y earn to learn

Geometry, Poetry, & Children

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Geometry & Poetry

A limerick by JoBeth O'Neal and Eve Gillespie

There once was a square

Who took a dare

To learn about proofs and theorems

He knew he shouldn't fear 'em

But if he memorized the formulas he knew he would get there.

Poem by Stefhanie and Jacci Ullman









Shape Rhyming Game

By Angela Buraglio & Corrie McCall

There once was a square,

Who didn’t think it was fair,

That the circle had pretty hair.

Along came some triangles,

That wore pretty gold bangles,

And their hair was all tangled.

Along came a trapezoid,

His first name was Llyod,

That all the shapes would avoid.

Although they are not all the same,

No shape is lame,

When you play the shape rhyming game!

A Tale of Two Parallels

by Erica Hayes & Maria Jarrell

On one fine bright and sunny day
Two parallels went out to play.
They liked to run in one straight line,
But one of them began to whine.

“I like you a whole lot,” she said,
With no more breath and face bright red.
He said, “Oh wow! I like you too!
I think this date is overdue!”

So on their date they merrily went,
But neither one was quite content.
They really wanted to hold hands, you see.
But “NO Touching!” is the parallel decree.

“Oh me! Oh my! I’ve got a plan!”
Said the parallel named Jan.
If we marry we can touch
And I would like that very much!

So off to Vegas went the two.
They honeymooned in great Peru.
There’s only one small problem now…
They’re attached for life! Those silly vows.

Perpendiculars they’ll be forevermore,
Right angles? Yes. They now have four.
So parallels, just quit complaining.
Having right angles takes lots of training.

Appreciate your “no touch” life,
Cause’them right angles… all they do is cause strife.
Just learn to love what makes you YOU!
Whether perpendicular, parallel, or a blue kangaroo!

An Acrostic Poem

by Kristen Teague & Laura Bradley


Extra help might be needed for struggling students

Obtuse triangles


Enjoyable for some people

Tricky for some people


Y & x axis

All About Pi (Limerick)

By Erin Hayes & Katie King

On March 14th,

Always in sync

I’m celebrated,

Not hated,

A circle problems’ connecting link.

Geometry Class

By Danielle Abee and Erin Robertson

On the morning of a very cold day

My math class talked about a ray.

Even though it wasn’t sunny outside

Our class went on a rollercoaster ride.

Mr. Miller related our trip to right angles

Then we talked about isosceles triangles.

Then one day my teacher wore a weird tie

And taught me all about pie.

Not the kind you eat on a plate.

More like the stuff some kids hate.

Pie R squared is now what I know.

I have to if I don’t want my grade to be low.

One day I learned about acute, obtuse, and right angles.

The next I learned about isosceles, right, and scalene triangles.

Then Pythagorean Theorem is what my class talked about.

As for what I understand, I have some doubt.

All in all I enjoy math class…

Except on the day I measured mass!

Geometry Beats

By Jennifer Cantwell and LeAnn Wood

Acute, right, obtuse, and equiangular triangles to see,

Telling them apart is a matter of degree

Parallel and perpendicular lines,

The congruent angles they form are just fine

Finding the degree of a secondary angle isn’t difficult you see,

Just subtract the known angle from one hundred and eighty degrees

Finding the area of a circle is as easy as pie,

Just square the radius and multiply by Pi!


By Jennifer Cantwell and LeAnn Wood

Circumference is the length around

In donuts and wheels, circles abound

Radius is half the diameter

Circles are easily made using your protractor

Large and small,

Entrancing us all, circles!