Thursday, May 29, 2008

CI 4030 Geometry Poetry

Closed, circumference
Leads back to beginning
Acrostic By Julie Milligan, Michelle Deal, and Norma Helms

Acrostic By Michelle Shew and Rachael Owensby

Geometry is
Formulas and Measurement
Time to explore more
Haiku By Michelle Shew and Rachael Owensby

Geometry is…
Equations that help to solve our mathematical questions
Octagons, circles, hexagons, and triangles
Measurement of lines, angles, and plane figures
Everything around us
Triangles, squares, rectangles, and parallelograms
Radius, circumference, area, or fractions
Your worst class nightmare or your most interesting curriculum!
Acrostic By Stephanie Helton and Bonnie Dale

Geometry Class
Angles, Lines, Perimeter
What is our structure?
Haiku By Erin Thompson and Bridgette Plunk

Ode to the Rhombus
Squishes square you are—do you dance?
Is it the Rumba?
By Erin Thompson and Bridgette Plunk

What does geometry mean to me?
It’s rays and angles with all sorts of degrees.
Lines and segments that form many shapes.
Proofs and Theorems leave our minds agape.
Used by many, especially bees.
Limerick By Melissa Hall and Melissa Riley

Geometry is…
Geometric shapes
Everywhere around us
Obviously there are circles, squares, and hexagons
Many angles to explore
Equations and formulas to use in solving problems
Tessellations of shapes on our floors
Rhombus to keep the study dancing
Yielding an exciting day of Geometry.
Acrostic By Martha Shook and Kristi Frye

Structured visual math
Has everyone struggling with
Angles and designs where
Planes collide with
Edges in measuring
Simple everyday items
Acrostic By Sheila Pritchard and Betty Wallace

Geometric shapes are fun to learn
They flip and slide and sometimes turn
Planes and lines and also curves
They often wind and swerve
Geometric shapes can make you yearn.
Limerick By Caroline Kirby and Amanda Lowman

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